Letter to my Old Friends

Dear Old Friends,

Y’all taught me a lot about people. Some of you were fake, secretly jealous, or went against my loyalty. Yes, each one of you are the reason why I have trust issues. I can’t stand you. That’s why I always say “I don’t have friends.” Thanks for the temporary friendships. I don’t care if we were friends for a couple of months, days, or years. If you’re offended then I’m talking about you. Even if you’re not offended you still count if I ever called you a “friend.” This is why I don’t talk to any of you like I used to. None of you are there when I need someone by my side. I know for a fact none of y’all truly cared about me. All of it was fake support or love.  I could care less about how y’all feel about this letter.I’m disgusted with you fake people. I don’t even have to go into deal about how y’all betrayed me. You know exactly what you’ve done. Even when you think I don’t know what you did. It always find its way back to me. I can’t believe you dummies! Maybe there will be a part 2. Stay in tune!


Destiny aka Reflectionofdes (:

© Reflection of Des 2017

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