Do You Know About Polyvore? (Des Blog-a-thon #12)

Polyvore has been out for years. The first time I got introduced to it was 4 years ago from a relative. It’s a website for creating outfits that you imagine yourself or others wearing. Polyvore is a popular fashion website, but there still are people who know nothing about it. Also, you can get this app on your phone or tablet from the app store.

I love this app because I see so any cute clothes that I wish I could buy. Sadly to say I don’t have money to be shopping all the time. The cool thing about finding clothes on there is that it is brands that come from stores that we all shop at. Each piece of clothing has a price beside it. This is good to see if you were willing to buy it. Polyvore has a way of directing you to the site the piece of clothing came from so you can buy it anytime you want.

(Prices beside items) 

So, basically, you’re making your real outfits on your computer. Doesn’t that sound familiar? If you have seen the movie “Clueless” a few times you’ll remember when  Cher was making her outfits on her computer and she pull out the outfit from her closet. I thought it was so cool when I saw her do that on her computer. Then came to realize later that Polyvore actually makes that possible.

Creating outfits on Polyvore became a hobby of mine. Every outfit I made on there was a way to show my creativity when it came to fashion. Even though, I’m not an expert on styling clothes together. I still felt like a fashion designer lol. It can be addicting to see how many stylish outfits you can create. There is no limit to how many you can make.

Also, they have contests you can join on there. Each contest has a theme to them, so you’ll have to create an outfit that goes with the theme. They are popular on there. This is a good way to get noticed on there if you’re serious about fashion or just want to do it for fun.

If you don’t have an account on Polyvore sign up now! It’s more women on this website than men, but men are still allowed to create an account on there. I highly recommend Polyvore to you if you are into fashion. Down below there will be screenshots of outfits that I created on Polyvore. Oh yeah, follow me on Polyvore at xxdes. You should see my username in the screenshot pictures.

Sources: (Youtube, Google Images)

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