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Interracial Relationships

I decided to write about this topic because it plays a big role in society today. Believe it or not, some people are still against interracial relationships which are surprising to most but not all people. I’m actually in an interracial relationship myself. When I would go out with my boyfriend to certain places we get weird stares. I don’t know if it’s because they are shocked to see an African-American woman with a Hispanic man. Or maybe they dislike seeing us together.

There are times when it’s uncomfortable because unwanted attention is on us. In my opinion, I don’t care if someone dates another person outside of their race. You can’t help who you love plus all that matters is if the person treats you with respect and loves you unconditionally.  I think it’s beautiful to see couples happy without being judgmental about who they choose to be with.

It is more common to see interracial couples in big cities like New York, Miami, and Atlanta plus more but y’all get my point. Then you get into a state like mine which is South Carolina.  You don’t see too many interracial couples and if you do it’s a Caucasian woman with a black man or vice versa. Then you will see a Hispanic man with a Caucasian woman. I had Caucasian friends in the past that were told by their parents that they could have black friends. When it came to dating a black person then that will be a problem. That would be so crazy to me. I do not see a difference between dating a black person or being friends with them. I’m not trying to throw racism in here so I don’t need anyone to get offended.

In conclusion, I support interracial dating because it shows how others have courage dating someone outside their race to get a new experience or love they haven’t gotten from anyone else. By me saying this I’m not trying to say I’m against anyone that dates within their race. That is totally fine. I just don’t want anyone to get any misunderstanding. So I want to know what’s y’all opinion on interracial dating by commenting down below.

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26 thoughts on “Interracial Relationships

  1. I have no thoughts on the subject… because it shouldn’t be open to ignorance and racism. People who find love are lucky, and it doesn’t matter with whom they find this love, or to whom they are attracted. It’s shameful to think that anyone has negative thoughts about interracial dating! I’m quite sure that there are many out there who do, and they are ignorant assholes. Do your thing! Love who you love! No one should bring you down, or make you feel like you are wrong or bad for following your heart!

  2. Nice message! And yes you are right relationship should have no barriers, it doesn’t see whether the other person is of same religion or not!!! Keep posting. Stay awesome.

  3. I’m a white woman in an interracial relationship with an Asian man. We get stares too when we leave the city. I’m it sure if it’s because of being interracial or because of my weight or possibly because he grows his hair out long. Either way people are going to judge ,but frankly we don’t care. There are times I kind of get a kick out of it. If they stare just hold your boyfriend a little tighter. Remember it’s their ignorance that makes them sick

  4. My bf is Indian and I’m Filipina. We seriously get looks wherever we go! It’s annoying but I have gotten used to it.Two months ago, I met his family in NY for the first time. I was so nervous but it turned out well. But I’m sure it’s harder for interracial couples whose families are more traditional. Being in an interracial relationship can be tough at times but me and my bf….as we always…give zero fucks lol

  5. I was also in an interracial relationship for four years! I ended things because I got bad vibes from his parents and entire family. He was white, jewish, played football and his family had a lot of money so they were not too happy when he brought a black girl home. Dating black men now, I notice theres more of an understanding about the small things. I am still open to dating outside my race but it definitely comes with difficulties

    1. That’s the only downside about interracial relationships because some people parents think dating outside their race is not right. I can see your point though with your statement about black men.

  6. Part of the problem is that people forget we are the same species and therefore all part of the human race.

    There are cultural differences, but being of a similar cultural heritage is no guarantee of a more loving relationship.

    Love is too powerful of an experience to be defined by anyone else’s expectations. Great post! Thanks for sharing! 😊😊😊

  7. I love this post! I happen to be in an interracial relationship (I’m a Caucasian from Europe, he’s Asian born in the U.S.), and it’s incredible. Sometimes we forget that we are of different races, other times it becomes pleasantly noticeable when we can learn things about each others’ cultures.

  8. I am in an interracial relationship myself, and I don’t think there’s something wrong with it. It’s just that people sometimes think that it’s weird to date, be with or even marry on your opposite race. I just view them as humans, no color and no race. Nice article here!

  9. I’m in interracial marriage for 7 years, 10 years as a couple. I’m Polish, my husband is Indian (British) and we live in the UK. I’ve never had any bad situation or vibes. I’ve never seen a strange look at us in the UK. However, it’s very different in India and in some parts of Poland. That’s why it’s much easier to live in a cosmopolitan/multicultural society.

  10. Interracial dating is pretty awesome! I’ve actually never dated within my race & sadly, the only people I met who expressed a negative opinion about it was my own race claiming I was a sell out.. I’m attracted to everything different. Different people, different cultures, different weather, different lifestyle, different food, different locations. Different anything!

    So I’m just going to carry on doing me & loving my man & everyone else can keep it moving! ✌️

  11. Love this post ! Great expression of your thoughts. I noticed several people stated “You can’t pick who you love”. I am curious about other’s opinion on this subject. Do people believe this because they feel their soulmate will “appear” and is part of their destiny?

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