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Right now, I need a vacation so bad. Taking a break from everything for a little while would help me out a lot. Trying to sleep to get my mind off of things isn’t working. Every time I close my eyes 👀 my thoughts gets louder in my head. It’s driving me crazyyyy! I’m a person that can sleep easily through the night cause I love sleeping. Since that has changed recently I know something is wrong. It seems like my anxiety is trying to sink back in. Then my depression wants to creep back up on me. Every time when life seems to go well that’s when things like this wants to happen 🙄. My only wish right now is going out-of-town to just relax. Too bad I can’t do that ☚ī¸đŸ¤ˇđŸžâ€â™€ī¸. I can’t even hang out with “friends” to get things off my mind because they are never there on the regular anyway. Blogging about how I feel at the moment is relaxing me a little. I feel closer to my readers than to people in my every day life. That’s crazy right? Smh (shaking my head). Anyone else feel like they need a break from their daily life? And need to go on a vacation like me? 

Š Reflection of Des 2017

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