I didn’t expect to be a nominee

Okay so I know I’m late on this but I finally got a chance to post it. My follower Newzo recently won the Sunshine Award congrats to him. (: Please go check out his blog He put me on the list for one of the nominees for the Sunshine Award I’m assuming (sorry I’m new to this stuff on wordpress). Then he gave me some questions to answer.

  1. Why did you start blogging? I wanted to person to spread positivity and show the world I might have some talent when it comes to writing and other things
  2. When did you realise life is a bitch? When people started treating me like shit
  3. Do humans deserve dogs/cats? Yes, because there are some humans that truly love them
  4. With whom do you share your problems first (friends, parents, your followers, your pet,etc.) and why? This is tricky! If something is wrong sometimes I’ll share with my blog or talk to my boyfriend about it.
  5. Novels or movies? Hmm this is hard because I love both. I’ll say that novels give you more detail to expand your imagination. Movies show characters’ true expressions through film
  6. Is dreaming about goals which are nearly impossible a time waste? (Like a bigger dreaming about being the richest man on Earth)? No, I don’t think it’s impossible because I’m a strong believer that anything is possible.
  7. A Jinni is waiting for you to tell him your three wishes. What would they be? Be happy, successful, and marry someone that’s in love with me as much as I’m in love with them
  8. If you have a chance to call anyone from history and ask him/her a question, who will you call and what will be your question?
  9. Do you like being indoors or outdoors? Indoors
  10. At what age were you experiencing the best year of your life? I haven’t reached that point hopefully I experience that soon


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