Humor for Writers (Pinterest Edition)

As I start to use Pinterest often I realized how much I enjoy the writer memes ( a funny picture or video with words written on them to make people laugh) that pop up on my timeline. Each one that I saw told the truth about what writers go through. Only writers will understand the humor in these memes.

 At first, I do freak out when this happens, but I think I get upset more than panic. I will literally rip my room apart just to find my notebook. 




 The reason why I thought this is funny because I can relate to it so much!! My mind is the busiest at night when I’m trying to sleep. It’s gotten so bad to the point if I don’t get up to write my ideas in my notebook then I’m guaranteed to get no sleep. If this device does get created I’ll be first in line to buy it!! Any other writer’s go through this?


  Lol, this is when you finish writing and realized all the errors you made. It’s like when you thought everything was perfect but reading it clearly showed how excited you were to put the story together and not catching the little mistakes. 






  Doesn’t this happen to us all? I can’t count how many times this has happened to me! 

Pinterest has funnier pictures that you can go check out.  If you are a writer I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I thought they were funny and I hope you did also.




Pictures Credit: Pinterest

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