How to Manifest a Good Life

It’s time for you to start manifesting a positive or good life. You deserve to live a life full of happiness. I’m going to give you a couple of tips on how to manifest the life you want to live.

How to Start

When you want to manifest things into your life. First, you must get yourself mentally prepared. Clear your head, start meditating, or do anything that’s going to open your mind to new things. Because you will have to get into the routine of thinking positive and speaking things into existence. Any time you want something in life you have to claim it like you already have it. That’s the key to bringing whatever you’re wishing for to enter your life. Plus, you must have some type of faith or belief in it also. One day take a moment to think and write down a list of items or things you want.

For example, you can write down something like I want a new car, a new house, a baby, lose weight, and a job promotion. Those are just a couple of things. After you write your draft find a notebook or journal that you will only use to write about things you are manifesting. When you find the perfect little book, you want to write in. Open up the book put the date in the top right corner or where ever you prefer. Start writing your first entry. When you start writing make sure you’re writing it in the present tense. Let’s say you want to write down you want a new car. Write the sentence like “I have a new blue 2018 Toyota Corolla.” Write the sentences like you already have the item or the event is happening in your life.

Speak it in Existence 

This tricks your mind into thinking that you have it. As you keep writing every day what you want to have. You will eventually start seeing how your life will change for the better. You must get yourself in the habit of writing what you want at least every day, thinking positive, and having faith.

Also, another thing you need to do is when you are speaking about your problems aloud avoid saying negative things like “I am so broke.” Try rephrasing that sentence and say “I will have more money coming soon” or anything that will prevent you from saying you’re broke. Breaking the habit of saying words like can’t, won’t, never… etc. is tough trust me I know exactly how hard it is. Then I remind myself I have to speak positive words aloud to keep positivity around me. Anyways, like I was saying to break the habit of speaking negative words aloud.

Another thing you need to know is when you are manifesting things into your life keep it a secret to yourself. Don’t share it with anyone else. The reason I tell you that is because you could confide in a friend or family member about what you want to manifest, and they try to pretend to be happy for you in your face. Behind closed doors or in their head they could be wishing for your downfall. You don’t want their negative thinking or thoughts aloud to affect what you have going on. Also, make sure the journal you’re writing is in a good hiding spot. Put it in a place where no one can find it and read what you wrote. It’s your private journal.

My challenge for you is to practice what I taught you in this article. Is this your first time hearing about manifesting something? If not, explain your story about manifesting what you want in life.

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