I don’t know how to start this post off but here it goes… for the past few days I haven’t been feeling like myself. This past weekend I was out of town and I was fine nothing was bothering me at all. Since I’ve been back home I noticed how moody I’ve become. One moment I’m feeling good then I get angry and sad. I guess when I was away my mind didn’t have anything to worry about, but when I got home my worries came rushing back. Now I’m not motivated to do things that’s been keeping me happy. I know this is becoming a big problem because usually I would experience mood swings but they weren’t this bad. My thoughts are going back and forth with quitting my blog and YouTube which are things that I enjoyed. I know I don’t want to actually quit doing those things but negative thoughts keep smothering my positive thoughts. I feel like there’s no hope for me now. Maybe I’m wasting my time on my dreams. A little part of me didn’t want to make a blog post on this because I didn’t want to throw negative energy on my readers. I’m just trying to stay strong and not let this depression or whatever it is knock me down. If you took the time to read this I appreciate it. It means you somewhat cared what I had to say. I have some friends but they never know what’s going on with me cause I act like nothing is wrong. Honestly I’m comfortable with acting like everything is fine because I don’t want to be vulnerable in front of others because once I start expressing how I feel nobody understands and gives me unnecessary advice. They don’t even read my blog posts anyway, so they will never read this. It’s fine though because my blog is my private place from everyone that I personally know even though I know it’s on the internet but I feel more comfortable with telling my readers stuff like this because I know someone will be able to connect with me. Well, I’m not going to make this post any longer. Have a good evening readers. 

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