Have you ever had a friendship that you thought would last forever but it didn’t? If you said yes then you’re not the only one. I know that sometimes we outgrow our old childhood friends because eventually yall mature into two different people who don’t share the same interest anymore. There are two outcomes in situations like this either the people in the friendship go on with their lives and are fine with it or they hold a grudge against one another because maybe something serious happened in a bad way. Every time I get close to someone they always disappear out of my life. I guess they are called “temporary friends.” This is mostly why I don’t like getting attach to people. I mean I enjoy the fun memories but I just wish that I didn’t have to go through a series of friendships. It’s better to have a solid friendship where I could tell my friend or best friends most things when I need advice or someone to have my back. One thing I will not tolerate is having a deceitful, fake, and sneaky friend or best friend, though. I will not force those type of friends in my life. That is less drama I have to deal with. I just thank God I don’t have to go through any unnecessary drama with friends that have sly motives against me. Anyways, I believe that if you have a close and sincere friendship with someone always cherish the great moments that both of you experience together. Sometimes it’s hard to find a true friend that cares about you.

©  Reflection of Desi 2017