Every Person You Meet Doesn’t Want to Hurt You

Have you ever had an experience where you messed up a good situation with someone? This person put their whole heart into you, showed how much they cared, and even proved to you that they were genuine. They were down with you through whatever. Too bad everything didn’t work out the way it was supposed to.

You were too blinded by your pain from the past to appreciate the real love in front of you. All the hurt you carried from your past relationship or situation got you thinking anyone that enters your life has bad intentions for you. Avoiding yourself from getting played but everything you’re thinking is all in your head. Yes, you’ve been hurt, develop trust issues, insecure, and feeling a little bitter. Give that person that is trying to do right by you a chance. Especially if they didn’t do anything to abuse your trust in them.

Holding on to the pain from the past will ruin your chance at happiness if you haven’t done that already. What if there is a person out there that truly cares about how you feel. What if they see your value and worth? Not everyone is out here to hurt you. I’m not telling you to open up so easily to every person you meet still be careful with that. All I’m saying is don’t put yourself in a situation where you have someone who is good for you then push them away for the wrong reasons.

Yes, we make our mistakes and realize certain things when it’s too late. Just make sure you learn from those mistakes. If you still feel like you are not fully healed from what you been through, then take more time to yourself. You may can’t help who may come into your life while you’re in the healing process. One thing you can do though is appreciate someone who cares for you. Everyone is not out to hurt you. Stay strong, trust your intuition, and forgive.

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2 Replies to “Every Person You Meet Doesn’t Want to Hurt You”

  1. Ughhhh great read really made sense and got me to thinking..im not a people person so many have done me dirty that I just keep my distance and don’t give anyone else a chance I just automatically assume they’ll do me like the rest

    1. reflectionofdes says: Reply

      I understand where you coming from cause I’m the same way towards people. I’m working on growing from that.

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