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Envious People Don’t Show Genuine Support

There is a point in your life where you are able to see who genuinely supports you. When you get to that stage it shows you who really care about seeing you live your best life. Envious people don’t want to see you succeed though. They will do everything in their power to stop you from making it towards your success.

Even if the person or people don’t openly show their jealousy just know they express how they REALLY feel about you behind closed doors. The venom of their words speaks negativity in your path. They could be praying hard for you to crumble. Those are the type of people you have to keep an eye on. They can’t be trusted.

Think about it this way let’s say you open up a new business and trying to gain more exposure. So, you publicly announce how it would be great to have people you are close to help you out a bit with spreading the word. There are a couple of people who give you the help and support you need with sharing/liking/commenting on your posts, telling people they may know about your business, and actually buying your product.

Then you got the person who is around you all the time and clearly knows what you’re trying to do claim that they support your business. You may see this person or people as a friend or close family. They will tell you to your face “Oh, I love what you’re doing. I’m going to buy one of your products to show my support for you.” or they may tell you they will like and share whatever you post about your business. The funny thing is they never do any of those things. Yeah, a person may get busy and not be on social media all the time or may have other things going on so they may not see every little thing down their timeline. Or have a clue with what’s happening.

My point is that they are always nowhere to be found when you need a little support but you will see them going above and beyond for other folks. It may make you feel some type of way because you thought they cared about you. Some of you probably still think well that still doesn’t mean the person is jealous of what you are trying to do.

Let’s be real if a person is a true supporter of what you’re doing they will make some effort to show you that they care. An envious person will purposely not be there for you, throw slick opinions at you, and make sure they are around you while you’re having a hard time. I bet they won’t be around when you are successful because that’s what they never wanted to see in the first place.

Watch who you share your dreams and ambitions with. Some people are jealous of your ability to push towards your dreams. They might even see potential in you that you don’t see in yourself at the moment.  Keep your circle full with people who want to see you win in life.





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