Emotions Driving Me Crazy!

Sometimes I get tired of having this battle with my emotions. Why do I have to be so emotional? I swear my emotions have me feeling crazy. They have a strong hold on me which I can’t stand at times. Maybe certain situations I go through trigger my emotions to set off. Especially if I am in some type of relationship with someone. I have to protect my feelings and control my reactions because of the emotional effects.

Lord knows I try to relax and not over think things but there goes the boogeyman once again creeping up on me. That’s why I have to push certain people away before I let my emotions take over and snap! Hell, the way my mood changes make me feel bipolar. One minute I’m fine with everything then I am upset with everything that’s going on. Maybe I’m used to having my way and getting all the attention I need. When I don’t get a certain amount of attention from the person or people, I need it from it starts bothering me. Do your emotions drive you insane?

Anyways, I shared my personal issues with you to let you know that you’re not alone if you have similar experiences. Don’t let your emotions bring you down or put you in a whirlpool of depression. Get yourself together and release those negative feelings. Free your mind by going out for a while. Then again, I want you to remember to it’s okay to express your emotions if it’s through writing in a journal, venting on social media (who cares what others think about your sappy posts. If it makes you feel better go for it), talking to a trusted friend or family, or screaming at the top of your lungs. Emotions are temporary feelings.



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