Don’t you hate dream killers? No matter what you’re trying to do. They say comments to knock you off balance towards success. Dream killers even try to kill your self-esteem. They’re another example of a jealous person or a hater! Love to see you fail to make them self feel good. That’s not going to happen. You know what you’re going to do? Prove to them that they can’t knock your shine. Keep pushing towards your dreams! Put a full focus on how you’re going to reach closer to your dreams. All you need is positive energy and thoughts.

I understand the doubts you feel after that one person say something negative. As Kayne said, “Coulda let the dream killers, kill my self-esteem… or use the arrogance as a steam to power my dreams.” The importance of this quote is he didn’t let negative people (dream killers) change his mind from chasing his dreams. Look at him now he’s a successful rapper and business owner. Yes, I know he acts crazy from time to time. We can’t judge him because we don’t know his life struggles. Kayne is not the main topic of this article though.

Anyways, never surround yourself around dream killers. They trying to hold you back. So, you won’t better yourself. There are people out there that will genuinely support your dreams with you. That’s the people you need around you. Tell your dream killers they can’t knock your shine!




Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash