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The Dream was Good Maybe It’s A Sign

Last night I had an odd dream. I was in some place full of people inside a building. Maybe it was a school or something because it was people my age there. Also, I remember my mom being there too. I heard an old friend say so many good things about me. The only weird thing about it is the fact I heard the person voice without getting a chance to see their face.

It thrown me off because when I turned around I couldn’t figure out the person in the room who was talking to my mom. In a curious way I believe my dream was trying to tell me something. My dreams always do that to me. There is a special message that I have to figure out before it happens.Anyways, the sign in this dream is telling me that an old person in my life is going to show up again. If that’s not the message. Then maybe it’s a friend that I already have talking good about me to someone else besides my mom. You know dreams set up situations to give you a special message. In reality, the situations may turn into a different form than you expect it. Have any of you had a weird or odd dream recently? 

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