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Dollar Tree Has Good Stuff (Dollar Tree Haul)

For those of you don’t know I love shopping at dollar tree. I find decent products for just a dollar. Yeah, I said it A DOLLAR! When I was on my weekend trip in Myrtle Beach, SC. I went to their Dollar Tree and got some cool items. Enjoy the items below I’m going to show you!

I thought these little journals were so cute! When I saw them, I fell in love. I couldn’t leave them in the store. They got added to my notebook/journal collection in my room. 

I had to get a new bottle of white out. It always come in handy when I make a mistake. This is a good brand too. So, it’s a good deal to get it for a dollar.


 I thought these were decent socks to buy. They last you for a good while. I was trying to find a pack of socks that had 3 pairs instead of 2

I’m a sucker for pens with different colors. I love colorful things. I know these pens work good. So, I had to get these. Now my notebook is going to have pages full of colorful writing.


Dollar Tree makeup section have good stuff most of the time. Usually I look and see what kind of lipsticks they have. This time I got this cute lip gloss. I can’t wait to try it! Also, I love the way it looks too. Sorry for the glare on the picture. 


I had to get some snacks!

Before I go to the register, I always got to make sure I get at least one of two snacks. Dollar Tree has a good variety of snacks you can choose from. The Lifesaver gummies are my favorite! I wish they had the wild berry flavor though. It tastes better than the basic flavors.



I love eating boiled peanuts! When I saw these in the store. I had to grab them. It’s a good late-night snack.





I’m hoping you enjoyed this Dollar Tree haul. This is something I may do again if everyone enjoyed this post. If you shopped at this store before comment items you love buying from there? 


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