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Cute Baby Shower Ideas from Pinterest (Des Blog-a-thon) #27

I get on Pinterest now and then.  I came across cute baby shower ideas. I have a whole board full of ideas for a baby shower lol. Pinterest always has a way to trigger your creativity. I’ll have pictures of both gender ideas. If you be on Pinterest a lot then you probably have seen some of the pictures before. 

  This cake is adorable. I love how the colors blend together. The cake is so pretty I wouldn’t want to eat it lol. Do anybody agree?









 Pink and gold look beautiful together! Whoever created this baby shower theme did an amazing job. I need this person to decorate my future baby shower. Does anybody else think this theme is beautiful? 








  This Paris theme is popular for baby showers. I think it’s so cuteee! Who wouldn’t want this theme for their baby girl? Every treat in the picture looks yummy!












 What a neat way to do baby shower invitations. You’ll probably have to give this invitation to everyone personally unless you get a medium or large size envelope to put it in. This is my first time seeing an invitation like this. Do anyone else think this is a neat invitation? 







 I never played this game at a baby shower, but it seems fun though. Have anybody tried this game? It looks simple to put together. I’ll have to try this out.









I enjoyed doing this post for you all. Did you find some ideas that caught your eye? This makes me have baby fever! Oh yeah, another thing I want to ask is do any of you enjoy finding ideas on Pinterest? If you haven’t been on Pinterest before go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


Pictures Credit: Pinterest

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