Confessions of a Heart Broken Girl

Look into my eyes

You’ll see the pain

That’s the only way you’ll see my true sorrow

Lonely nights lying in bed having silent cries so no one will hear me

On the outside I’ll pretend I’m happy

But if I open up inside you’ll see my heart bleeding out

If I told you about various times I’ve been hurt

You wouldn’t believe the tales

Should I be angry at myself for allowing this pain?

Do I go on with my life and continue to go through the same thing all over again?

Should I go out there and cause someone else pain?

No matter how much heartache I go through

I can’t wrap my head around playing with someone else feelings

That’s a dangerous game

So tell me this could handle the confessions of a heart-broken girl?

If you actually read this poem tell me what do y’all think. Honestly I never viewed myself as being a poet. It seems like most people liked the poem I did this morning so I decided to try to do more.

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