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Common Bad Habits Most People Have (Des Blog-a-Thon) #2

As humans, it’s natural to have a few bad habits here and there. None of us are perfect. In this blog post, you might be able to relate to a few talked about in the list below.

Overthinking – Usually over thinking comes from worrying or maybe your mind is trying to tell you something urgent. I know we all can relate to this. Overthinking causes us to lose sleep because our minds are so busy distracting us with tiny problems. This is frustrating and annoying. If you have this problem try to trick your mind to relax by clearing your head. If that doesn’t work for you take another bath or shower to relax your body. Another tip is to eat a snack that makes your belly full. I don’t know about anyone else but when my belly is full I get very sleepy lol.


Eating Junk Food – No matter how hard some of us try to go on a diet or “eat healthy” we find ourselves falling back into the cycle of eating junk food. First of all, trying to eat healthy is expensive and some of us don’t have money to spend on certain foods even though spending the money could be worth it. Second of all, cooking healthy requires a lack of flavor you are use to in junk foods. I’m not an expert on making tasty healthy meals, but I’m sure there are ingredients that can make this type of meal taste better. Third, we don’t think about the effects it will cause our health later in life. 

Staying in Toxic Relationships – Let’s be honest love can blind you from all the warning signs in a toxic relationship. We try to visualize the problems into a positive light, but in the back of our minds, we know something isn’t right. Please don’t be oblivious if you notice problems in your relationship right away. Be grateful for being wise enough to catch the signs before you’re stuck being miserable. Even if you don’t see the problems ahead of time it’s never too late to end the relationship I REPEAT IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO END THE RELATIONSHIP!! I’ll rather for you to be happy with your significant than feeling insecure, disrespected, or afraid. 

Not budgeting and saving money – Now I know everyone is in charge of their money and can do whatever they want with it. I’m not typing this to tell you what to do. I believe we all should save a bit of money here and there especially when a “rainy day” ( urgent need of money for something important when your other funds are low) comes along. Saving some extra cash could come in handy one day. Sometimes we have to think about how useful saving money for our future is important. You can put aside at least 1 to 5  dollars to put in your piggy bank or where ever else you decide to stash your money.  I know that’s a small amount to start with but it’s really up to you to decide how much you want to stash now and then. Budgeting and saving money is difficult especially if you have bills to pay. Using coupons on items you buy from the store can possibly help save you a couple of dollars. Not going out to eat several times of the week can make a difference also. Try to shop at affordable stores that have items that fit in your price range so you don’t have to spend a chunk of money at an expensive store. These are just a few tips that could benefit you if you’re serious about budgeting and saving money.

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