As we get older and have responsibilities. We are constantly busy. Every week we follow the same routine. Also, as time goes by we lose track of checking on close family and friends. It’s important to start making check-up calls. Let’s not allow a busy life a busy life to get in the way. You must cherish every little moment with everyone who carries a special place in your heart.

Another reason it’s important to check up on friends and family because they might be going through something. You can reach out to them to remind them you’re still by their side through anything. Give them full of comfort. Sometimes as a person, it’s not always necessary for us to tell someone something is wrong. There are times when you need someone to ask if you’re okay without you telling them your problems first. Keep that in mind.

Just think about how much of a difference it would make if you stayed in contact with everyone on a regular. Your bond with them will get stronger. There will be no awkward vibes when y’all are at events together. You’ll be aware of what’s going on in everyone’s life. As you think about those situations you start to get my point.

I don’t want anyone feeling guilt or regret when someone close to them dies. Then they think about all the times they should have called to check up on them. That weighs heavy on someone’s heart. Every time when you think about your close friends and family take the time out of your day to call or text them. I’m sure it will make them feel special if you tell them you were on their mind. Remember don’t let a busy life make you forget about the ones you care about.

© Reflection of Des 2017