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Chaos in America

I know other countries around the world is laughing at us. I’m so ashamed of the country that I live in now. Trump is bringing in a lot of extra chaos that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It makes me sick to my stomach that most people in America voted for him. Then again I’m not surprised that they did because of how hateful some American people can be. America was a place to enjoy freedom. Now it’s turning into a corrupted country with a hateful, racist, and disrespectful president. It’s heartbreaking to know that Trump will ruin the opportunity for me to explore the world just because he wants to be an evil person and get on the other countries bad side. He’s creating a disturbing picture of innocent Americans that don’t want any problems with anybody. All I can really do is pray for my country. I just want world peace. I love everyone equally! Anybody that knows me well knows how much I want to bring everyone together as a family.It makes me frustrated that most people rather cause hate than just to love everyone equally. I don’t want everyone to be against each other. If I had the chance to change the world into a better place I would.

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