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Have You Ever Had That Moment..

Have you ever had that moment when you’re in a public place and a person keeps staring at you? Whenever someone does that to me I feel so uncomfortable. It’s so annoying because they just stare without saying anything. This is mainly the reason why I avoid eye contact with strangers in public. It creates… Read More Have You Ever Had That Moment..

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My dreams tell my future 

I don’t know about anybody else but when I dream about things they come true. Have you ever experience dreaming about something at night and it comes true?? I guess that’s a sense of déjà vu. I did a little rhyme there lol. Anyways, I swear most of the time I dream about things that… Read More My dreams tell my future 

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I’ve been busy lately

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting anything this past week. A lot has happened in a short amount of time. I wasn’t trying to neglect my blog, but you know life has its way of getting in the way. This past week my grandfather passed away. It was unexpected. So, I had a lot of… Read More I’ve been busy lately

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Where does my poem inspiration come from? 

Mainly my poem inspirations come from my past or current experiences with my emotions and feelings. It’s hard for me to express myself out loud. So I write out my feelings and they come together as a poem. I never saw myself as a poem writer. One thing I knew for sure is I have… Read More Where does my poem inspiration come from? 

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Late Night Thoughts.. 

Sometimes I think I’m stuck dreaming about things that seem like they will never happen. I always ask myself “are you truly happy?” and the answer to that is no. There are moments when everything is fine but then I reflects back on how everything isn’t the way I need it to be. I can… Read More Late Night Thoughts.. 

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Why blogging can be fun?

Meet new people from all over the world I don’t know about anyone else but I think it’s exciting to meet new people from different countries, states, or cities. You’ll find others that share the same interest as you.  You can write about anything you’re passionate about Since you are the author of your blog… Read More Why blogging can be fun?

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Versatile Blogger Award 

First I want to start off by saying thank you happy soul for nominating me for this award. Please go visit her blog . This is another award that took me by surprise. My hard work is really starting to pay off. Also, I see this award as another blessing.  Rules  You have to thank… Read More Versatile Blogger Award 

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The Blog-aholic Award

What is The Blog-aholic Award? “The Blog-aholic Award” is an award for bloggers addicted to blogging with creative, ingenious and inspiring posts. They mesmerize their followers with their posts, keep them captivated and riveted to their blog. The Blog-aholic Award is also for bloggers who “Share and Inspire Others!” The Recipe Hunter (Cook & Enjoy)… Read More The Blog-aholic Award

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Chaos in America

I know other countries around the world is laughing at us. I’m so ashamed of the country that I live in now. Trump is bringing in a lot of extra chaos that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It makes me sick to my stomach that most people in America voted for him. Then… Read More Chaos in America

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3 Latin American Countries I want to Travel to

Honduras: A Caribbean country on the northern part of Central America. Some of their popular foods are Arroz con Pollo (Chicken with Rice) and Honduran tamale. There are tourist attractions like Cayos Cochinos where you can go on hiking trails. Also, the amazing beaches West Bay Beach, Roatan, Playa Negra, and Tela Bay.      … Read More 3 Latin American Countries I want to Travel to