5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko is an American singer. Most people know for her famous lyrics in Omarion song Post to be when she says “you gotta eat the booty like groceries.” She has a total of 5 albums. Recently, she came out with her new album Trip. Since I am a big fan of her and her music. I’ll tell you 5 reasons why you’ll love her!

1) Her music speaks to your soul: The vibe of Jhené Aiko music gives you an out of this world feeling. It takes you to an indescribable place. Hearing her sweet voice in your ear singing makes her unforgettable.

2) She’s beautiful: Just look at how beautiful she is in her pictures. She has their adorable face. Even when you look at her she makes you curious to see what she’s all about. She’s a woman who can catch your attention without saying anything. 

3) Her lyrics speaks the truth: Her song lyrics are real. When I say real you can relate to her lyrics on a deep level. It expresses your deepest feelings.

4) She’s a free spirit: Her free spirit makes you connect with her. In her Trip album it brings out her spiritual side more than before. 

5) Looks innocent but speaks her mind: Jhené isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. When she does speak her mind she knows how to get her point across. She’s comfortable with being herself.





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Reasons Why You’ll Love Netflix Original Shows

Netflix work hard on their projects. They prove it through the movies and shows they produce. You can always count on Netflix to provide you with something good to watch. Here are reasons why you’ll love Netflix original shows.

Guaranteed to be a good show – Netflix makes sure they bring entertainment to their shows. Their story lines are never boring. I haven’t ran into a show that wasn’t good. 

Intriguing Storylines – Even if the genre of the show isn’t something you’ll watch. It will make you curious about the show. Once you start watching the series. You’ll get addicted and have a new favorite show to watch. Their writer’s are creative! 

Amazing Actors & Actresses – Netflix actors and actresses are talented. They are part of the entertainment on the shows. I’m sure some of them are first time actors. You won’t notice because they are good at acting. They are true professionals. 

Diverse – Throughout their shows you’ll notice diversity. They will have characters that are similar or just like you.  Having diversity in their projects tells you a lot about Netflix. They think about representing everyone in their shows. 

Go check out Netflix original shows. You will find a show that will catch your interest. Netflix always bring new shows on the app often. I’ll give you a few suggestions.

A Few Suggestions:

Orange is the New Black

Love Sick

Chewing Gum

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt




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5 Reasons Why I Love Playing Sims 4

The first time I was introduced to the sims video game is from my auntie. She used to have the sims on the play station. Once my auntie taught me how to play the game. I haven’t stopped playing it since. I do remember the first sims game that came out for your PC. Anyways, as years went by the game has changed dramatically in a good way. The PC game is way better than the sims app game for your phone. Only true sim players would understand what I mean when I say that. Let’s get into 5 reasons why I love playing the Sims 4.

Reasons why I love the Sims 4

1) Graphics are High-Quality: Even though you should change the game setting to get a super high-quality effect of the game. I love how smooth everything looks in the game. It doesn’t look like jacked up pixels. Even if you don’t change the game setting it still has sort of smoother look to it. That’s if you compared it to the Sims 2 and 3.

2) It’s Realistic: The reason why I say the game is realistic because you can do things the game that you can do in reality. For example, you can create your real family if you wanted to. Also, you can do household chores. There are ways you can travel in the world to go out and have fun. It’s places like the club, café, restaurant plus more things. Another little thing I want to mention is you can have careers in the game and make your own money. Basically, you can create your life in the game or any way you want to.

3) It Relaxes Me: When I’m having stressful days. I play my sims game to make me feel better. Honestly, it’s one of my stress relievers. It takes me away from reality for a bit.

4) Faster Game Start Up: Compared to the Sims 2 and 3 the Sims 4 loads up waaaay faster! I can remember the times when I wanted to play the Sims 3 and waiting so long for the game to start-up. The Sims 4 loads the game in a split second! I’m glad the developers fixed that problem.

5) Never Get Bored of the Game: No matter how many times I play the Sims. I’m never bored playing the game. It’s always fun challenges to do. Each gameplay I learn something new. I know that’s crazy to say because I’ve played the game for a long time. It’s true though.

The Sims 4 will always entertain me. I hope the creators keep creating fun things to do in the game. They already got me hooked on the game. My love for the game will never die. If you are familiar with the Sims 4 tell me reasons why you love playing this game in the comment section.



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