Time to Take a Break

Open letter 3 was supposed to be about a whole other topic but I’ll save that for another time. Anyways, I think it’s time for me to take a little break from everything that I’m doing. I think I might need a couple of hours or days to get my mind back on track. Honestly, […]

Open Letter Entry #2: Negative Thoughts Disturbing my Peace

You’ve made it to open letter #2. Did you read open letter #1 “In my Feelings….?” If not you need to check it out! As much as I try to be a positive person I always have this demon attacking me. The demon is negative thinking. Every time I’m minding my own business trying to […]

Open Letter Entry #1: In My Feelings…

Welcome to my first open letter. This series or chronicles may get crazy, emotional, serious, and hilarious.  Currently, I’m sitting here looking crazy with the song “In my feelings” by Drake stuck in my head. All I can hear is Drake saying “Trap, TrapMoneyBenny, this shit got me in my feelings…” Like who the hell […]

One Sided Friendships

One-sided friendships are annoying to deal with especially if you take friendships seriously. When I say one-sided friendships I’m talking about the ones where you stick by your friend side through rough times, showed loyalty, trust, and gave support. You probably treated the person like family too. But they didn’t show you the same type […]

Every Person You Meet Doesn’t Want to Hurt You

Have you ever had an experience where you messed up a good situation with someone? This person put their whole heart into you, showed how much they cared, and even proved to you that they were genuine. They were down with you through whatever. Too bad everything didn’t work out the way it was supposed to. […]

4 Ways to Make Yourself Happy

We all want to find new ways to make ourselves happy. Sometimes we are looking for a healthy change or a better lifestyle. Either way, you deserve to live a happy life. I’ll give you a few ways you can make yourself happy. 1. Think positive thoughts: It’s always good to think positive about yourself. […]

Networking on Social Media

Networking on social media isn’t as hard as some people may think it is. Honestly, it’s the quickest way to meet a huge amount of individuals all across the world. If you are comfortable with following random people on social media that share the same interest as you. Then go for it! One thing you […]

When You’re Having “One of Those Days”

I don’t know what’s going on today but I’m having “one of those days.” It’s a day where you feel frustrated, irritated, & want to release some stress. I just want to sleep my day away and forget everything. Don’t you hate when you’re not feeling like yourself? This is when you have to draw […]

Letting Your Past Hinder You

Your past has its way of creeping back into your life when you are trying to move forward or at the tip of going through a transformation. It’s like the devil trying to steal your joy when you are the happiest. Everyone past isn’t always bad but there are some things we want to leave […]

Tired of Being the Strong Person

Sometimes you get tired of being the strong person that’s there for everyone. They seem so dependent on you to fix what they have going on. Which you don’t mind helping any way that you can but there are times when you need someone to return the favor. You have your days when you want […]