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Urban Fiction Books You Should Read

Finding urban fiction books are tough if you don’t know any good authors or bookstores who sell those type of books. Even when I was younger it was hard for me to find books by black authors. When I finally discover where to get urban fiction books it felt like heaven. In this article, I… Read More Urban Fiction Books You Should Read


Where I Been Lately?

Hey readers, I know I have been gone lately. I feel so bad for not posting as much as I used to. Honestly, I’m having writer’s block. I literally don’t know what to write about. On Instagram and twitter I did ask my followers should I write a short story or poem. Majority of the votes… Read More Where I Been Lately?

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Celebrity Men to Crush On

Every girl or woman has their group of celebrity men they have a crush on. It’s the men who are attractive and steals the girl heart even if she hasn’t met him before in her life. As you continue reading you are going to see the celebrity men I crush on. Ladies, if we share… Read More Celebrity Men to Crush On

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Things You Should Blog About

Before you start reading deeper into this article. I’m not going to give you some bullshit advice (excuse my language). It’s not going to sound cliché either. So, let’s get right into it. One thing you need to remind yourself is that YOU are in control of what goes on. This is YOUR blog not… Read More Things You Should Blog About


My Random Thoughts 💭 February 7, 2018

My head is always full of random thoughts. Sometimes I believe I think more than an average person. There are times when my thoughts drive me crazy 😜. In this article, you’ll read my random thoughts and get a little taste of what’s in my head. Why am I so random? Why is it raining… Read More My Random Thoughts 💭 February 7, 2018


Reflection of 2017

It’s the day before New Years. Time flies right? For me, 2017 had its rough patches.  I learn from those situations. I didn’t let those rough moments tear me down. Everything happened for a reason and I know it. Honestly, this year taught me more about myself than any other year. One thing I’ll never forget about… Read More Reflection of 2017


Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!! If I was able to give everyone a Christmas gift I would’ve gave out many presents. I’m hoping you are enjoying your day. Tell me what kind of presents you receive this year? I’ve had a good Christmas this year. I can’t complain. Continue to enjoy your day!! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL… Read More Merry Christmas!!

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4 Reasons Why You’re Not Consistent with Blogging

Blogging, in general, is tough when you try to have a consistent schedule. You want to have your full focus on your blog. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. Even when you want it to. I will tell you 4 reasons why you’re not consistent with blogging. 1) Your life outside of blogging is busy:… Read More 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Consistent with Blogging


Storytime: She Taped Their Mouth and Hands Shut!

I saw a post that triggered me to tell this storytime. Let me recollect my thoughts so I can take myself back to when everything happened. It’s been so long. This happened when I was a little kid. At the time, I was going to daycare. They had an after school program there. I was… Read More Storytime: She Taped Their Mouth and Hands Shut!

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Don’t Know What to Blog About? Here are Tips for You!

There are days when bloggers struggle with what to write about. Most of the time our brains are burnt out from writing. Another problem is we may have posts already in our draft. We just don’t want to post them because it’s still not finished. Well, since I run into those problems like any other… Read More Don’t Know What to Blog About? Here are Tips for You!