How to Get Through Tough Times In Your Life

Going through a tough time in your life is challenging. You find yourself stuck in a pool of problems that seem like they will never get fixed. There are times when you contemplate about giving up on everything. Giving up is not an option for you because these are ways to help you get through tough times in your life.

1) Read motivational books – Reading a motivational book will boost you to push through your situation. It will provide you with encouraging advice that you may not hear from people around you. The book or books will give you some type of comfort. Examples of motivational books are “I Don’t Belong to You” by Keke Palmer or “Latoya’s Life: Uncut Mishaps of a Youtube Star” by LaToya Ali.

2) Talk to positive people – You need people around you that’s going to uplift you. They’re the people who you can trust with your problems. Also, they going to make sure they help you out the best way they can.

3) Pray – Whatever spiritual God you believe in. Pray about your problems to your God. Even though you may not think God is listening. His ears are always open to hear your prayers. He’s working on a special blessing for you.

4) Take a vacation – Whether it’s going somewhere an hour away or further. A vacation will relax you. Yes, I know going out of town isn’t that simple. Especially if you don’t have a lot of money to travel or have other things to worry about. Anyways, a nice long vacation will take your mind away from your problems.

5) Face the Situation – Sometimes we must gain strength or confidence to face our tough situations. Use this power to help you fight this rough period in your life. Maybe all you needed to do is use that extra strength or confidence to solve the problems that’s going on. Think about this there are times when we are our own obstacle.

Tough times don’t last forever. A strong person like you will get through your situation. One day you’ll be able to reflect on your tough times and appreciate it. You want to know why you’ll appreciate it? It’s because it made you become a stronger person. You’ll feel proud of yourself for not giving up. Take the time to practice this advice and see what results you’ll get.



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Dream Killers Can’t Knock Your Shine!

Don’t you hate dream killers? No matter what you’re trying to do. They say comments to knock you off balance towards success. Dream killers even try to kill your self-esteem. They’re another example of a jealous person or a hater! Love to see you fail to make them self feel good. That’s not going to happen. You know what you’re going to do? Prove to them that they can’t knock your shine. Keep pushing towards your dreams! Put full focus on how you’re going to reach closer to your dreams. All you need is positive energy and thoughts.

I understand the doubts you feel after that one person say something negative. As Kayne said “Coulda let the dream killers, kill my self-esteem… or use the arrogance as a steam to power my dreams.” The importance of this quote is he didn’t let negative people (dream killers) change his mind from chasing his dreams. Look at him now he’s a successful rapper and business owner. Yes, I know he acts crazy from time to time. We can’t judge him because we don’t know his life struggles. Kayne is not the main topic of this article though.

Anyways, never surround yourself around dream killers. They trying to hold you back. So, you won’t better yourself. There are people out here that will genuinely support your dreams with you. That’s the people you need around you. Tell your dream killers they can’t knock your shine!





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Save Your Money the Right Way 

Believe it or not, money rules the world. It brings out the evil in most. Don’t let money change you. Start investing your money the right way. First, you need to start saving money. You can start with a dollar or up. Put it in a jar, piggy bank, or open up a savings account. You never know when you might be stuck in a rut and need extra cash.

Sometimes you have to think about your future than a present moment of spending money. It’s nothing wrong with treating yourself. Just spend your money wisely. If you start wasting money you’ll be struggling for a long time. It’s like you’re making the same mistakes over and over.

Yes, I understand that you have bills to pay. That’s always the first thing you should pay anyway. Even if you have a few coins left after you pay bills. It’s nothing wrong with putting that in your jar of money. Every bit counts right? That money will add up.

There’s no pressure in saving money

This article isn’t for pressuring you to save money. It’s purpose is to make you think about how much money you can save instead of wasting it. Money can’t buy your happiness. It can get you out of debt though. Try figuring out ways you can save money throughout the week or month. If you already save money. How do you restrict yourself from spending unnecessary money? 

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Why are You Jealous?

Let’s all say this together “I know my worth, how beautiful I am, and I’m smart.” REPEAT “I know my worth, how to beautiful I am, and I’m smart.” Thinking positive about yourself is important. Wear confidence like it’s your skin. Nobody opinion about you should matter. If they have negative opinions about you then their jealous.

Jealous people like to tear others down. That’s because their unhappy. Best thing to do is not give them the attention they want. They feed off negativity. By you ignoring them it will crush their feelings. That’s a good thing because they will learn you’re not worried about them. You have better things to focus on.

Another thing jealous people try to do is knock off your focus. You can’t let them do that. You’re in control of your happiness. Jealousy is an ugly trait. Don’t let jealousy rub off on you. You’ll turn into a bitter person. Being bitter and jealous won’t get you anywhere in life.


Wait I’m not finish yet

The purpose of this article is to tell you that no matter how much jealousy someone has towards you. It shouldn’t bring you down. You shouldn’t have to change who you are just to meet their expectations. Live for yourself!  When you’re succeeding in life people true colors show. If they suddenly start acting different with you when you’re doing good in life. Then they never wanted you to better yourself. The only thing they should do is support you. Love, support, and positivity is stronger than jealousy. Surround yourself around people who value LSP (love, energy, and positivity). Question for my readers do you have or had someone who is jealous of you? 

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Don’t Know What to Blog About? Here’s Tips for You!

There are days when bloggers struggle with what to write about. Most of the time our brains are burnt out from writing. Another problem is we may have posts already in our draft. We just don’t want to post them because it’s still not finish. Well, since I run into those problems like any other blogger. I thought I’ll give a few tips.

Don’t know what to blog about? Here’s Tips for You!

Take a day off – Even if you are concerned that you won’t get much traffic on your blogging day off. You can always re post your old blog posts on your social media account. It’s always a few people out there that haven’t read those posts already. Taking a break from blogging for a day or more can help you get yourself together. Your brain should relax sometimes.

Be Honest with Your Readers – Explain to your readers you don’t know what to blog about for that day. Maybe you can switch roles and ask them what are topics you should write about. I’m sure they will like that.

Plan Ahead of Time – Planning ahead of time isn’t always easy. Some of us don’t have extra time to do that. Try your best to start a schedule. Maybe your planning days can start on Sunday. That will give you time to plan for the next coming up week.

Buy a Writing Prompt Book – You can buy a writing prompt book from Barnes and Noble and Books-a-million. I brought two of my books from Barnes and Noble. They’re not expensive at all. So, you don’t have to worry about spending lots of money on one. It’s good to have one on your writer’s block days. There are so many random topics that you could write about.

These are the two books that I have.






Google Topics to Write About – Of course, it is common sense to go on the internet and search topics to write about. There are plenty of other good websites that gives you new ideas.

Before you go…

Before you go I’m going to give you a few topics to write about. I wasn’t going to let you leave without helping you out some more. Don’t worry I got you!

1) Worst babysitting experience

2) Experience moving to a new state

3) What’s your family tradition during Christmas or Thanksgiving

4) Favorite Vacation

5) Goals for this Fall

6) Embarrassing moment you had in public

7) One thing you hate about social media

8) First time you lost something important to you

9) What made you start blogging

10) What’s your favorite school memory

I’m hoping these tips help you out. Now it’s time to put your mind in focus mode. GET TO WRITING! 

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Check on Your Close Friends and Family

As we get older and have responsibilities. We are constantly busy. Every week we follow the same routine. Also, as time goes by we lose track of checking on close family and friends. It’s important to start making check-up calls. Let’s not allow a busy life a busy life to get in the way. You must cherish every little moment with everyone who carries a special place in your heart.

Another reason it’s important to check up on friends and family because they might be going through something. You can reach out to them to remind them you’re still by their side through anything. Give them full of comfort. Sometimes as a person, it’s not always necessary for us to tell someone something is wrong. There are times when you need someone to ask if you’re okay without you telling them your problems first. Keep that in mind.

Just think about how much of a difference it would make if you stayed in contact with everyone on a regular. Your bond with them will get stronger. There will be no awkward vibes when y’all are at events together. You’ll be aware of what’s going on in everyone’s life. As you think about those situations you start to get my point.

I don’t want anyone feeling guilt or regret when someone close to them dies. Then they think about all the times they should have called to check up on them. That weighs heavy on someone’s heart. Every time when you think about your close friends and family take the time out of your day to call or text them. I’m sure it will make them feel special if you tell them you were on their mind. Remember don’t let a busy life make you forget about the ones you care about.

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4 Songs to Help Build Your Confidence

If the songs that are listed down below aren’t on your playlist then you need to add them. We all have moments where we may not feel confident about ourselves. Since music cures mostly everyone problems enjoy this list of songs!


Unpretty by TLC: As a female sometimes there are days where you don’t feel pretty or beautiful. This TLC song makes you feel confident because it helps you embrace your features you were born with. Also, the song lets you know it’s okay to make changes to yourself but remember that you’re beautiful just the way you are.

F**kin’ Perfect by P!nk: Before I start talking about the song first I want to say I love P!nk because she’s not afraid to be herself and express how she feels. Her song f**ckin’ perfect sticks out because it talks about how we make mistakes but our mistakes don’t make us less of a person. She gives you comfort in the song to tell you that you’re still perfect and your flaws don’t matter to her.

Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson: This song expresses how you are beautiful and don’t worry about others that are jealous of you! It’s an inspirational song for women also.

I Am Not My Hair by India.Arie ft Akon: India.Arie always makes inspirational songs. Her soulful music is hard not to love. I Am Not My Hair is a true example of it too. This song basically explains how you should not judge a person from their appearance. You should get to know their inner personality. She sings about her hair journey and battle with cancer in this song also.

Take a listen to these songs and tell me which one were your favorite. I’m curious to know what song sticks out to you the most. Remember as long as you have confidence in yourself no one else opinion should matter.

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Coping with Depression (You’re not Alone)

Dealing with depression is tough. It’s even tougher when you feel like you have no one to talk about it with. Depression makes you want to isolate yourself from everyone. There is a feeling of sadness, rage, and a head full of negative thoughts that linger inside of you. Lying in bed all day and night starts to be a regular routine. Please do not feel ashamed that you go through depression.

Just know that you’re not going through it alone. I go through depression myself. When I’m feeling this way I don’t want to be bothered at all. I have to lay in bed and cry things out. Then I have to comfort myself to reassure myself that I will get better. Since I can’t talk to anyone that understands what’s going on. I had to learn how to make myself feel better.

Some of you might be thinking why don’t you get out the house to do something to make yourself feel better. From my experience that only helps for a short while. When I get back home I’ll be attacked by my depression again. This is why I have to cope with my depression either through my writing or trying to reverse my negative thoughts with positive ones.

This article is a dedication to anyone that goes through depression like me and doesn’t feel like anyone understands you. I will be that person you can vent/talk to about how you’re feeling. That’s if you feel comfortable with that. Depression is serious. We all have to find ways to overcome it. Everyone deals with depression different so don’t worry. Sharing your experiences can help others too!

Here are ways anyone can contact me if they need advice or want me to share their experiences on my blog anonymously. Don’t be afraid to come talk to me.


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