Celebrity Men to Crush On

Every girl or woman has their group of celebrity men they have a crush on. It’s the men who are attractive and steals the girl heart even if she hasn’t met him before in her life. As you continue reading you are going to see the celebrity men I crush on. Ladies, if we share the same crush let me know! It’s only one of them who is completely off limit though lol. Don’t worry I will warn you who that is.

My list would be trash if I didn’t mention MY HUSBAND! He is off limit lol. This man happens to be Drake. There is a special light that shines on him. He is intelligent, makes good music for your soul, and attractive. I cannot forget to mention his gorgeous smile. Drake is the perfect package for me. Yes, I have not met him in person. If I ever do meet him I pray he’s a good-hearted person I believed he is.

I feel kind of bad for not putting this guy first on my list. The only reason why is because he was my first celebrity crush and I loved him since the 3rd grade. This man is CHRIS BROWN! People love to bash him all the time. It gets pretty old now. How would you feel if someone or people kept throwing your past in your face? Give the man credit for making changes and trying his best to stay out of trouble. He’s always been good looking and is blessed with God-given talent. This man can draw, sing, act, and dance. When I look at him it is something about him that makes me gravitate towards him. I love when he dances too.

This 3rd man had me crushing on him heavy since I saw him act in the movie Let It Shine. If you still have no clue who I am talking about then I will tell you. I’m talking about Trevor Jackson! Most of you probably recognize him from the show Grownish or you may have seen him on the movie Let It Shine, Burning Sands (Netflix movie), American Crime (tv show), and many more projects. Another movie that he is acting in is coming out soon. It’s called Superfly. I bet some of you did not know he makes music too. If you haven’t heard his music before you should check it out. His voice is amaaaaaazing! I swear when I hear him singing his songs he is singing to me.


Since you read about my top 3 celebrity crushes. I want to know which celebs you have a crush on. Tell me why you like them and you can post a screenshot of them in the comment section also. I am ready to read your comment. Also, if you enjoy this article feel free to share it on your social media page!



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Reached My Breaking Point!!!!

Sometimes I wonder why I have to be stuck in this miserable ass town. I’m trying to not get swallow in the big hole of being stuck here forever. I keep asking God “why me?” Everyone else has a chance to be free and enjoy life. I barely get a chance to feel like a real adult. There’s always some shit that’s trying to hold me back. I’m tired of it all.

There are times where I reflect on how miserable my life is. I’m young and should be enjoying myself. Most of the time I have no choice but to stay in the house. It gets depressing at times. I don’t have any real friends to hang out with. If I do it’s every blue moon. Fuck having friends anyway. They always tend to be temporary anyway. The only thing that’s pushing me to live a little is to make my dreams come true. It’s my only hope and brings me happiness. If I don’t succeed in that then what’s the point in pushing forward?

I’m always getting my feelings crush. Honestly, I’m used to it. The only person I can depend on is myself. Everyone around me is full of negative energy. There’s no one there to at least uplift me. They’re miserable with their life and trying to rub it off on me. I’m not going to be like them. I will be better than them. I’ve reached my breaking point. That’s why I’m living for ME! I can’t keep letting these obstacles bring me down.

At this point, I’m starting to think what’s my purpose of being here? To live a fucking miserable life? All my life, I’ve been invisible anyway. Everyone treats me like a non-factor. Even the ones I personally know. Some of them are reading this post. It’s not because they care it’s because they want to be fucking nosey. They don’t give a fuck. I don’t care for them anyway to be completely honest. This is me expressing how I feel if anybody feels some type of way about it. I don’t care about that neither.

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New Changes in Me

Lately, I’ve been noticing some changes in me. As I take each day one step at a time I can see growth within me. I’m truly finding myself. My journey started in 2017 and it continues to progress through 2018. I stopped talking to plenty people. They didn’t belong in my life at all. It surprises you when you separate yourself from useless individuals how much your life will change for good. My main focus is on myself. I got tired of being there for others and they barely returned the favor. Call me selfish if you want to but I don’t care. I’m at the point where I have to do what’s best for me and make myself happy. Life is so much better when all you have to do is focus on your own happiness.

As I go through my life changes I’m growing into the person I always wanted to be. I even discover new things that I enjoy. It feels so good to be there for myself. I mean I never depend on anyone for a shoulder to cry on. I tried to give some people a benefit of the doubt. Each person I met failed me. It’s such a shame. Some may think I’m acting different or funny for not communicating with them anyone. It doesn’t matter to me because they should’ve appreciated me while I was in their life. Yes, I am going to speak highly of myself. Deep down inside I know I am a special person that anyone would want in their life.

Another thing I want to mention is there are a good bit of individuals who misunderstood me. They believe they “know so much about me.” I always laughed at myself how wrong they were. I NEVER met anyone who took their time to get to know the REAL me! So, I don’t want to hear anybody else say they know me so well or at least think they know what I am all about.

As I close out this post like I mention earlier I am happy with the person I am becoming. I’m learning what’s my true purpose is in this world. At this point in my life, I believe in myself stronger than I did before. I’m happy with the goals I am trying to reach and what I have achieved so far. If you took your time to read this thanks for reading. I hope you also find happiness within yourself.


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Got Back into The Groove of Reading

Lately, I’ve been getting back into the groove of reading again. I’m so excited that I put myself back into the habit of reading again. No, I wasn’t at a point where I hated reading. I just never seem to have time for it once I start focusing on other projects that I enjoyed doing. Plus, my mind was clutter with so many distractions I couldn’t focus on reading a book if my life depended on it.

Honestly, it made me feel some type of way. I wasn’t used to having a hard time reading a book. I guess I’ve been so caught up with social media that it tainted my focus a little bit. Now that I’m back reading books I feel like myself again.

For those of you that don’t know reading was/is my first love. Ever since I was a child I was in love with reading. I will always remember using money that I got from my mom or family members and go to the store to buy books. Being an adult now I have a bad habit of buying books every chance I get lol.  I guess you can say it’s not a bad habit though.

Another thing I thought about is maybe I should start doing book reviews on my blog. I already started it on my YouTube channel and I realize some people do enjoy it. I don’t know if you have noticed I did recently post a book review on the last book I read. If you want to read the review click here. On my blog, I probably will post a book review here and there though.

Anyways, it feels so good to read again. Reading is my escape from reality. It relaxes me just like writing. I have a question for you. Have you ever had a phrase where you stop reading and felt some type of way? or Do you enjoy reading now? If so, what are you currently reading or just got finish reading?


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TMI TAG 2018

Usually, people do the TMI tag on YouTube. I decided to do a blog post about it without a video. The TMI tag has a total of 50 questions. Don’t worry they are interesting questions and my answers won’t be too long. On the brighter side, you get to learn more about me.

1: What are you wearing? A pink shirt and leggings

2: Ever been in love? Yes, I sort of regret being in love.

3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes, I don’t want to get deep into it.

4: How tall are you? 5’1

5: How much do you weigh? 130 I gained a lot of weight. I used to be 108 or 110. That’s a drastic change lol.

6: Any tattoos? No, I don’t have any tattoos. They are cute but I don’t plan on getting any.

7: Any piercings? Yes, my ears are pierced.

8: OTP? Umm, are you asking am I on the phone? lol If so, no I am not on the phone.

9: Favorite Show? I’ll name a few of my favorites. They are Catfish: the tv show, Moesha, Insecure, American Horror Story. The list can go on.

10: Favorite bands? Destiny Childs

11: Something you miss? I miss having no worries about anything.

12: Favorite song? Insecure by Jazmine Sullivan ft Bryson Tiller

13: How old are you? 20 years old

14: Zodiac sign? Scorpio

15: Quality you look for in a partner? Faithful, respectful, understanding, attractive, intelligent… I know I was supposed to name one but it’s too hard just to leave one answer lol.

16: Favorite Quote? “Life Goes On”

17: Favorite actor? I watched a couple of good actors but I don’t have a favorite one.

18: Favorite color? Pink

19: Loud music or soft? Soft music. Loud music makes me lose focus.

20: Where do you go when you’re sad? I go into my room.

21: How long does it take you to shower? 30 minutes

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 30 minutes to an hour

23: Ever been in a physical fight? No, besides semi fights with my little sister when I was younger.

24: Turn on? Attractive person with a nice smile

25: Turn off? Clingy person. I need my space sometimes.

26: The reason I joined YouTube? The reason I joined YouTube because I knew I would enjoy posting videos and entertaining others. Also, I thought it would be a good platform to put a positive effect on people.

27: Fears? Not being able to pursue my dreams

28: Last thing that made you cry? A documentary I watched on Netflix

29: Last time you said you loved someone? Last night

30: Meaning behind your YouTube Name? It basically means a reflection of my life experience and feelings. Also, it’s a piece of my name Destiny.

31: Last book you read? BEAT’N IT UPP by Darrell King

32: The book you’re currently reading? Home Wrecker by Dwayne S. Joseph

33: Last show you watched?  Moesha

34: Last person you talked to? My boyfriend

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Boyfriend

36: Favorite food? French fries

37: Place you want to visit? California

38: Last place you were? My house

39: Do you have a crush? No

40: Last time you kissed someone? Yeah, this is too much information lol

41: Last time you were insulted? Can’t remember

42: Favorite flavor of sweet? Watermelon

43: What instruments do you play? None I want to play the piano though.

44: Favorite piece of jewelry? Earrings

45: Last sport you played? None

46: Last song you sang? Earlier today

47: Favorite chat up line? I don’t know what a chat up line is.

48: Have you ever used it? I’m confused use what?

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? Last weekend

50: Who should answer these questions next? Anyone that reads this tag.


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Right now, I need a vacation so bad. Taking a break from everything for a little while would help me out a lot. Trying to sleep to get my mind off of things isn’t working. Every time I close my eyes 👀 my thoughts gets louder in my head. It’s driving me crazyyyy! I’m a person that can sleep easily through the night cause I love sleeping. Since that has changed recently I know something is wrong. It seems like my anxiety is trying to sink back in. Then my depression wants to creep back up on me. Every time when life seems to go well that’s when things like this wants to happen 🙄. My only wish right now is going out-of-town to just relax. Too bad I can’t do that ☹️🤷🏾‍♀️. I can’t even hang out with “friends” to get things off my mind because they are never there on the regular anyway. Blogging about how I feel at the moment is relaxing me a little. I feel closer to my readers than to people in my every day life. That’s crazy right? Smh (shaking my head). Anyone else feel like they need a break from their daily life? And need to go on a vacation like me? 

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The Fun Question Tag

Hey, readers, I did some searching on google for a fun question tag. I found one! I want to give credit to Writing Audrey (click on her name to get the questions for the tag). She’s the first blog I came across that had this question tag. Every blogger should do this tag. It helps readers to get to know you more.  

Let’s Get Started…

1) When is your birthday? (You don’t have to include the year if you don’t want to.)

November 4th

2) What are 3 of your favorite colors?

Pink, Gold, and Pink again lol
3) What are your 3 favorites quotes?

“Life goes on” – Unknown

“I know you see me smiling, trying to cover the hurt” – Auburn

“But you still played me like a deck of cards. You know I can’t forgive you…” – Kelly Rowland

4) Are you addicted to YouTube?

Yessss! I visit YouTube like it’s my daily job! My addiction is bad lol. You can’t blame me. It’s so many talented creators on YouTube.


5) What are 3 of your favorite shows on TV or YouTube or both?

On TV my favorite shows are American Horror Story, Insecure, and

6) What are 3 qualities you like in a best friend?

Drama Free


7) Do you like your name? 

Yes, I love my name!! You don’t hear too many people say that.

8) If you have the choice to pick your own name, what will it be?
I wouldn’t want to change my name because I love it. Thanks mom for giving me a beautiful name!

9) What is your fantasy dream?

I don’t have one.

10) Do you wear makeup?

No, I don’t have time and patience to do makeup. I love my natural beauty! I wouldn’t mind learning how to do my makeup though. Just so I can wear it on occasions.

11) If you could write a book, what would the title be and what would it be about?
If I told you the answer to this question then that means someone can steal my idea!

12) What makes you cry?


13) What makes you angry?

Racism, Liars, disrespectful people

14) What makes you happy?
Positive feedback on my blog from my readers, food lol, getting a new book

15) What is “Fangirling?”

Fangirling to me is obsessing over a book series or TV show.

16) What are your 3 favorites snacks?
Rice krispy, brownies, blueberry muffins

17) What are your 3 favorite foods?

Hot wings, french fries, and mashed potatoes
18) What are your 3 favorite drinks?

Orange Soda, Minute Maid Fruit Punch, and Water

19) Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m currently a college student with big dreams. I’m always open to meeting new friends. I grew up in a small town. My mom raised me and my sister. I enjoy blogging because I feel like it’s my voice to reach out to people. My goal in life is to live happy, be successful, and spread positivity!
20) What are 10 random facts about you?

– I mostly listen to R&B music

– I gained weight over the summer lol

– I’m in a long distance relationship

– I love to eat!

– I’m from South Carolina, USA

– Dairy products make my stomach hurt

– I’m always sleepy

– I have no pets

– I love learning new things

– I’m good at writing

21) What are your 3 fun things to do?

Traveling to different places



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Ya’ll Just Don’t Understand

It’s funny how people think they know what’s going on with you just from what you show or tell them. They love to say slick comments because “they already know what’s going on in your life.” You know what let me get right into the point. I always have to pretend that everything is good with me. In reality, it’s not that way. I have to deal with my mood swings, anxiety, and depression. There are so many days and nights I cry out of frustration, hurt, and anger. Most people around me don’t understand how hard it is to deal with that. Plus, trying to balance having a “normal” life.

Then I don’t have anyone I fully trust or that understands what I go through internally. I’ve tried to express how I feel about things too many times to certain people in my life. It doesn’t work out because they act like they don’t care. That’s why I keep things to myself. Yes, I know it’s not good to keep everything bottled up inside. What else am I suppose to do?

I guess writing helps me pour out my feelings. It’s probably why God gave me this gift to write. It helps me to release bottled up feelings and connect to my readers. That’s the bright side of everything. People just don’t know how strong I am. Not everyone has a strong state of mind to turn everything negative in their life into something positive.

This is why I try not to focus on the negative in my life. I hate feeling upset and emotional. Everything is better when I stick with being positive through every situation I deal with. It’s true when they say everything happens for a reason. I know in the near future I will find my happiness. I can’t wait to life my life the way I want it.

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Things I Learned This Summer 

As summer is coming to an end.  I start reflecting on all the things I did. While sitting there in my thoughts I noticed a few things that changed for me. Some were good and the rest was sort of bad in my opinion. Everything that happened taught me a few lessons. It even opened my eyes more to certain situations. It’s time for me to share the things I learned this summer.

Lessons I Learned This Summer…

1) Take advantage of my time alone: When I’m alone and have time for myself I tend to get lazy. Sometimes I don’t like that because I know I need to get blog posts done, homework ( I took college summer classes), and a few other things. Once night fall come around I regret not doing some of those things because I  had plenty of time to do it. Especially when I wanted to post good content on my blog. Laziness is a bad trait!

2) Stop looking forward for plans with “friends”: When I made a couple of plans with some friends that didn’t work out. Sometimes it made me a little upset because they would either cancel at the last-minute or come up with some other excuses. That’s why I stop making plans and let life take its course. There were times I did get lucky and got to hang out with my best friend though.

3) Find time to take a vacation: I took three unexpected vacations this summer. Honestly, I’m glad I did get a chance to get away for a while. This summer was the first time in a long time I went on a vacation. Every one of the vacations I went on was meant for me.

Those were the major things I learned this summer. Overall, I enjoyed my summer. I can’t complain. If I had to go back in time to do everything over again. I probably would. Is there anything you learned this summer? If so, share it in the comment section.

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First Time Traveling Alone 😮😐🤗

Hey, readers, after a year of not seeing my boyfriend. I’m finally traveling to NY to see him. I miss being around him in person. For those of you who don’t know. I am in a long distance relationship. Check out my post about long distance relationships. My boyfriend lives in New York, USA and I live in South Carolina, USA. We don’t get to see each other often because traveling is EXPENSIVE! So, now I have a chance to see him this weekend. Y’all just don’t know how happy I am. Plus, his mom wedding is this weekend too! That’s going to be exciting. The only part I’m worried about is traveling alone because it’s my first time. I pray that I have a safe trip. I’m going to feel so lonely without my mom and sister with me. Also, it will be my first time visiting New York so that’s another nerve wrecking thing. I shouldn’t worry too much cause I know my boyfriend will make me feel comfortable there. Everyone pray that I have a safe trip going there. I’m leaving this evening and arrive there in the morning. I’ll be sure to share my experience. Have a nice day everyone. I’ll be back later lol.

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