Catching Feelings for Someone You’re Attracted To

Have you ever tried to stop yourself from liking somebody? It’s like you try to force yourself to not catch feelings for them but it happens. Even when you try not to think about that person you still have them on your mind. Each thought consistent of a future you could have with the person or how much time you want/wish you could have with them. There’s a spark in them that attracts you. Fighting your feelings is a tough battle. One thing you can’t deny is the fact that your feelings don’t lie. Deep down inside it uncovers the truth behind whatever you’re trying to hide.

Forcing yourself to not catch feelings seem impossible in a way. Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow of life. Let your feelings flow freely. If you feel bold or brave enough make your feelings known towards the person you’re attracted to. Make sure you carefully thought about how to approach the situation though. Try not to put yourself in an unnecessary situation. Figure out why you are trying to fight your attraction towards a person. Is it because of your past? Maybe you heard bad rumors about your crush. Possibly you made a vow to yourself to not fall deep for someone new but it’s not turning out how you thought it would. You see we all have our reasons to why we try to avoid catching feelings. It’s a risky circumstance to put yourself in. Especially if you have doubts about it.

It’s okay to be open about your feelings for someone special. Being open about your feelings can lead to something life changing. Just remember not to forget why you are careful about your feelings towards the person you are attracted to. Like I said earlier in the article your feelings don’t lie. If it’s obvious that the person is no good for you, please don’t pursue to make things serious with them. They are not worth losing yourself for. Be smart, happy, and accept your fate! 

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  1. The best way to start a relationship is by being open and honest. I’m a firm believer of just letting them know, at least with rejection you still know. Nothing worse than living someone and never telling them. As someone the frequently binges 90s teen rom coms, this was a recurring theme. Lol…

    1. Exactly that’s the best way to start. I agree I’m the same way. We only love once so why not take chances or risks?

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