Blogging Tips (Des Blog-a-thon) #28

For beginners, it’s hard to get started on blogging if you have no clue what you’re doing. The blogging tips numbered down below will give you some help. Hopefully, you’ll remember a few of these tips. Good luck on your blogging journey!

1. Have Original Ideas: Nothing is more annoying than seeing someone who uses other people ideas and takes credit for it. Yes, I’m aware that some things that you might want to do is similar to someone else but put your own originality to it. Don’t over think it. Give yourself time to create a way to make your content unique. It doesn’t matter if it takes you a couple of days, weeks, or months. Go at your own pace.

2. Don’t Compare yourself to others: This is probably the most common tip you’ll see. Even if you feel like a person content is better than ours doesn’t mean you should give up on your content. There will be people out there that prefer your blog posts over someone else. Just make sure you’re confident in what you’re doing. Your view of your blog is more important than what anybody else thinks. Maybe the person blog you were looking at thinks your blog looks awesome.

3. Have Pictures on Your Posts: Having pictures on your posts is not mandatory. It will bring more attention to your posts though. You want to grab people’s attention right? Pick any picture that fits the topic you’re writing about. This will give a visual representation on your topic. Wherever you get your picture from make sure you give your source credit. If you’re the owner of the pictures in your posts then you don’t have to worry about putting a source unless you want to.

4. Blog about Things You Enjoy: Nothing is worse than writing about content that you’re not interested in. Since it’s your blog you can write about whatever you want. No one will stop you from doing that unless they want to ruin what you’re trying to do. There will be other bloggers interested in what you’re talking about. Even if the content you’re writing about in the blogging world isn’t common then that’s perfect because this will make you unique. Also, it shows that you are original.

5. Communicate with other bloggers: By communicating with other bloggers help you build a relationship with them. If they see that you are taking your time to read their posts and commenting. Then they will come over to your blog to read your content. This brings in traffic to your blog which is good. If the bloggers you communicate with are nice they can help you out if you experience any problems on your blog.

Now that you have read these blogging tips. Do you think you are ready to start your blogging journey? Did some of these tips give you an idea on what to do for your blog? Let me know in the comment section. 

© Reflection of Des 2017

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  1. Good read! you will always have something to blog about if you stay true to you and your originality is how I look at it and that’s what I love about my blog, I decided to just be me and leave the typical blogging style to those who prefer that.

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