This has been bugging my mind lately. All I keep dreaming of is being successful at a young age. I just think it’s too late for me now because I’ll be turning 19 in November. I know that might sound crazy to y’all and you’re probably thinking I’m still young. For some reason, I feel some “old.” This is probably because I feel more mature than my actual age. It’s funny that I mention that because I always say that “I’m a grown lady trapped in a child’s body,” as years go by this starts to make even more sense to me. Honestly, I wish I would’ve been well established by now. I know success takes time though. I guess I’m always dreaming about what my future will be like. I don’t want to live a life struggling and stressing out about how I’m going to survive and get bills paid on time. My only wish in life is to be living comfortable without it coming from a bad outcome. What I mean by that is I don’t want my success to be based on anything bad happening. This post might be pointless to many but I had to express what’s on my mind in some type of way.