3 Realistic Goals to Achieve (Des Blog-a-thon) #36

As I sit in my room thinking about life. I started to point out 3 realistic goals I want to meet. The following list will be down below…

1. To be happy: There were times when I thought I was truly happy, but that wasn’t true. I spent so much time pretending that everything is fine it trick me into thinking I was happy. Being happy is so important to me because I won’t feel miserable and will feel free. Happiness is easy to talk about but hard to create.

2. Be successful: Of course, this would be on my list. Everyone wants success but who is going to take the time to actually succeed?Nothing will stop me from reaching success. I’m going to work hard to reach the highest level. I deserve the gift of success. I’m hoping that my blog will be the opportunity to help me reach my future success.

3. Make a Positive Change: If I don’t make a huge positive change on Earth before I die. I will not satisfied. I have a strong passion for making this world a better place. Honestly, it doesn’t feel right to see horrible things happening and not doing anything about it. As long as I’m able to help others I’m going to try my best to create a positive effect. I know I talked about this in my other post. It’s something I’ll never get tired of mentioning.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve? 

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