Problem With WordPress

Hey readers, for some reason WordPress been acting weird for the past two and a half days. I have the app on my phone. When I try to write a post and save it in my draft on my phone it shows an error. Another thing I did was delete the app off my phone. Then I downloaded it right back on my phone. I’m still having problems with the app. I did notice they updated the phone app also.  Even when I try to reply back to people comments on my blog it won’t let me also. Good thing I can post from my WordPress admin. If it wasn’t for that then I probably wouldn’t be able to post like I want to.

Is anyone else experiencing any weird problems with WordPress? I don’t know if it’s because I did the new update that’s why it’s acting up or what. Hopefully the problem is going to get fixed. I’m going to give the developer’s time to fix the problem also.


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