Storytime: The Year My Grandma Died (Part 1)

It was back in 2013 when I was in the 10th grade when my grandmother passed away. I know it was during the evening on September 12th. My mom, sister, and I just got comfortable in the living room eating dinner. It was another normal night for us. Suddenly, my mom phone rang. My auntie had called. She was explaining to my mom that my grandma wasn’t answering her cell phone. Something might have happened.

My mom didn’t make too much of a big deal out of it at the moment because my auntie and grandma always had little arguments with each other. She assumed maybe my grandmother was mad and didn’t want to talk. So, my mom called my grandma but she didn’t pick up her cell phone. She called my auntie to tell her that she didn’t get an answer either. That’s when my mom decided that we were going to my aunt house to see what was going on. My grandmother lived with my aunt at the time. We all put on some decent clothes and left the house. We stayed 20 minutes away from my aunt.

Finally, we got to my aunt house. As we were driving into the driveway of the house we saw the ambulance flashing lights. My aunt was on the ground crying and screaming “MY MOM IS DEAD!” One of the ambulance workers were right beside her and her husband. They were trying to comfort her. After hearing that from my aunt’s mouth we couldn’t believe what was going on. My mom, sister, and I were all crying in the car before we got out.

All I remember is feeling shocked because it happened so unexpectedly. There was a sense of confusion also because at the time we still didn’t know what was the cause of my grandmother’s death. Honestly, I had mixed emotions. I didn’t want to believe what was going on.

To be continued…


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